Christopher Valkenburg is an English novelist ​based in Eastern Europe, where he writes copy for ​one of the Big Four. After film school, he worked ​around the world as a film Gaffer, lighting TV ​commercials, music videos and feature films. His ​non-literary interests include Art Deco design, ​Soviet Brutalist architecture and classical music. ​EMPYREAN is his debut novel.

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Some people deserve to die. Marci Kovács chooses who.

Budapest, 2132. In a city this big, opportunities for promotion are rare unless you’re willing to do ​anything, and Kovács is. As an Adjudicant, he oversees state computer MARTHA's Employee ​liquidation program. The winners get a shot at eternal life. The rest end up as statistics.

MARTHA is infallible—so Marci believes. That’s until colleague Alex discovers eighty-three murders ​concealed in her archives. The link? All had friends or relatives who vanished overnight.

No mean feat in a sealed city.

But Alex and Marci aren’t the only ones intent on learning the truth. And the deeper they delve, the ​closer they come to unravelling a conspiracy that threatens the lives of millions—

starting with their own.


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